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Official account of the @Trade_EU #TTIP Team.
EU_TTIP_team We've published a joint EU-US assessment of the progress made in the #TTIP negotiations since 2013. Read it here. » bit.ly/TTIP2017 pic.twitter.com/kgWY9z0IcT
02:10PM Jan 17
EU_TTIP_team NEW: See which companies export from your town to to the US, supporting a total of 5 million jobs across the EU. » ec.europa.eu/trade/policy/countries-and-regions/countries/united-states/trade-in-your-town/
11:18AM Dec 16
EU_TTIP_team We've met the civil society today to get new input on our report about #TTIP 's impact (on the EU & US society, economy & the environment). pic.twitter.com/DFIPRnxFnX
03:35PM Dec 15
EU_TTIP_team The new #TTIP Sustainability Impact Assessment is still open to your comments & questions. Join us on 15 December! » trade.ec.europa.eu/civilsoc/meetdetails.cfm?meet=11486
02:10PM Nov 25
EU_TTIP_team The final report on how #TTIP could affect the economy, society & environment in the EU & the US is out now. » www.trade-sia.com/ttip/publication-of-the-draft-final-report/
02:07PM Nov 25